Monday, October 29, 2012

when there aren't words

i read the message twice: she is unable to speak right now. please pray now.

i knew zandi had been getting progressively sicker, the blood clot, the t.b., the hiv all summing to struggle for survival.

as i read the message, my mind flashed back to seven years ago, to another friend who couldn't speak. that time, we wheeled my near-lifeless friend jabu in the same hospital where zandi was now. jabu miraculously survived that day. when she described it later, she said: i couldn't open my eyes, i couldn't speak. but in my heart i prayed "lord, extend my days." and he did. i will never forget what the lord has done for me.

and so for zandi, who couldn't speak, my own heart cried out: god, extend her days.

only this time, god did not.

this time, another 3 children joined the 100,000 orphaned children in swaziland.  this time, a grandmother added 3 more grandchildren to her home; she already was caring for the 2 children of her daughter that died of AIDS last year.

this time, the world lost a woman full of life and hope and strength.

this time, i lost a friend.  

"precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."
-psalm 116:15

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