Wednesday, July 2, 2014

residency in iPhone photos

This is where I have spent the last 3 years:
The views from the hospital aren't that bad:

I spent most my time trying to figure out which pager was beeping and waiting on people to return my pages:

I survived off of cafeteria food and graham crackers stolen from nurse's stations:
I looked at way too many of these:
I rarely saw the call room (note the unused bed):
I made sure the important orders got in first:
Only once did I ever see the emergency room empty:
There were early morning signouts, greasy post-call breakfasts, and rare chances to sit in the resident lounge:

I had lots of opportunites to wear Indian clothes:
I tried my hardest to avoid being a patient: 
And got to I spend a month working in Alaska:

It's been an amazing, exhausting, humbling, tiring, but beautiful 3 years.
Now I'm turning in my pager and my badge because I'm done!
a million thanks and then some to my family and friends
for all the love that has carried me through these past 3 years.


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