Monday, July 1, 2013

second year end, third year begin.

i started this year with deep breaths of thankfulness. i had survived what was supposedly the worst of the medical training process: intern year. the year ended with a week exploring the pacific northwest with a friend - eating our way through pike place market, kayaking around san juan island, biking and hiking in vancouver. i felt full of life.
second year started with continued triumphs: the color run. kayaking all summer long. a friend's wedding in india. loving work.

then things spiraled down: the death of a friend. recurrent hospitalizations. work and life becoming far too exhausting.

now this year comes to a close with another week of sickness, a chest rattling with cough, and a body heavy with fatigue.

like last year, i know life comes with both things difficult and things beautiful. and like last year, i am finding i am stronger than i imagined.
so i take a deep breath in and let this last year of residency begin.

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